Created as a final project in Futures Research at the University of Houston, this micro-website was created for a hypothetical client at the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service.


For the past decade, the Local Food sector has been steadily growing. But what is next? This foresight project aims to address the following questions:

Using the University of Houston’s Framework Foresight methodology as a starting point, this site is meant to be a bridge between two phases of a foresight process:

From Mapping

Framing the project.

Scanning the horizon for signals of change.

Identifying baseline and alternative futures.

To Influencing

Exploring the implications of different futures.

Designing a vision for a preferred future.

Sharing and Initiating strategies to reach your preferred future.

This site is organized into three main sections:

One: Setting the Stage

How do we understand Local Food today?

Two: Baseline & Alternative Futures

Exploring two possible futures through multimedia vignettes.